Azerbaijan's State Committee issued statement on attack of Armenian radicals on Cultural Center of Azerbaijan in Paris

# 17 June 2022 17:52 (UTC +04:00)

On June 16, 2022, a presentation of a documentary named "Way to Karabakh" prepared by ERE Television channel from Karabakh and Shusha city has been held in Cultural Center of Azerbaijani Embassy in Paris, State Committee on Work with Diaspora told APA.

The movie dealt with Azerbaijan's facing Armenian military aggression 30 years ago after restoration of independence, First and Second Karabakh Wars. Looting of Azerbaijani territories, and destruction of cities, villages, and infrastructure during Armenian occupation were demonstrated.

"Noting Aghdam's naming "Hiroshima of the Caucasus", the movie showed the maintenance of animals in a mosque. Reconstruction works in Shusha, as well as other liberated Azerbaijani districts after the Victory of the Azerbaijani Army were also shown.

During the presentation, dashnak youth of provocative Armenian organization "FRA Nor Seround" attacked the Center. As a result, a participant of the event, an Azerbaijani who was living in France for many years, Aytan Muradova got injured.

This incident has caused great concern to Azerbaijanis living in France and other countries and Azerbaijani diaspora organizations. It is doubly unfortunate that such an unfortunate event took place in a country like France, which has high values such as democratic principles, human rights, and safe living. Because the occurrence of such cases in the events questions the basic rights of Azerbaijanis to live comfortably and safely in this country.

We feel sorry for happening such an incident in the center of Paris and hope that the actions of the attackers will be evaluated in accordance with French laws and international law," noted.