Anti-Azerbaijani groups in Russia trying hard to liquidate AAC: State Committee

Anti-Azerbaijani groups in Russia trying hard to liquidate AAC: State Committee
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  • calendar-gray 12 May 2017

Azerbaijan’s State Committee for Work with Diaspora has made a statement of protest against the pressure exerted on the court for the liquidation of the All-Russian Azerbaijani Congress (ACC).


The trial initiated on the basis of an appeal filed by Russia’s Justice Ministry on the liquidation of AAC caused serious concern among the Azerbaijani community of Russia, Azerbaijanis living in other foreign countries, as well as the whole Azerbaijani Community, said the statement. 


“We regret to state that the information we received recently allow us to say that some anti-Azerbaijani groups in Russia are trying hard to liquidate AAC and intensified their pressure on the court in order to achieve their goal,” the statement said.


Expressing its deep concern over the some forces’ activities aimed at undermining Azerbaijan-Russia relations, the State Committee said it believes the court will pass a fair decision on the issue.


“Azerbaijanis living in Russia sees this country as their second homeland and spare no effort for its progress and welfare,” said the statement. “AAC and its members have never taken any steps contrary to the national interests and the laws of the Russian Federation. Nevertheless, the persistent attempts made by certain forces to have AAC liquidated cast doubt on them working for the interests of Russia and raise suspicions of their ties with the Armenian diaspora. This could lead the Azerbaijani community to lose their trust in Russia’s national policy. Such moves, at the same time, are in sharp contrast with the context and principles of Russia’s policy on national and ethnic minorities. We hope the court will arrive at an unbiased verdict that is not based on any political motive.”


The liquidation of AAC run contrary to the mutual interests of the two countries and can only benefit certain forces that do not want Azerbaijan-Russia strategic partnership to grow stronger, the State Committee stressed. 

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