Ukrainian police suspend search for ‘Azov’ raiders, Azerbaijani businessmen say

Ukrainian police suspend search for ‘Azov’ raiders, Azerbaijani businessmen say
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  • calendar-gray 28 December 2016

The search for the servicemen of the Azov battalion who stormed an Azerbaijani store in the city of Kharkiv has stopped.


Businessman Vugar Karimoglu told APA that despite the application written to the police, the investigation into the criminal case launched by Shevchenko district police department of Kharkiv city was suspended.


He said they protested against it outside the police department yesterday. “Police ordered us to leave and threatened us with truncheons. They do not give us information. We have also appealed to the consulate, but to little avail,” he added.


Businessman Mehrab Usubov noted that $10,000 damage was caused to their property in the looting. “Police witnessed everything. They are threatening us every day. Police didn’t interfere at the time, nor do they consider our appeals,” he said.


Azerbaijani Honorary Consul in Kharkiv Afghan Salmanov told APA has not received any appeal in this regard. “I haven’t heard of any fact against the Azerbaijanis on ethnic grounds. A written appeal should be made so that we can appeal to relevant bodies on that basis. He said that during the raid, the Azerbaijani businessmen were found to be engaged in illegal activity”, Salmanov said. However, the Consul didn’t answer the question as to the raid was carried out by Azov forces rather than by the police or a concerned body.


Special forces of the Azov battalion of Ukraine's National Guard carried out an assault on Dec. 15 on a store owned by five Azerbaijani businessmen in the city of Kharkiv. Azov forces attacked an Azerbaijani store selling Christmas trees and seized all their property. The forces insulted the Azerbaijanis, telling them to sell the Christmas trees in Azerbaijan.

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