Azerbaijani President: "Armenia has never been in such a miserable state"

Azerbaijani President: "Armenia has never been in such a miserable state"
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  • calendar-gray 26 February 2021

"Look at Armenia’s state now. There is a crisis, there are daily clashes and arrests, the democratic foundations are almost completely gone," said President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev at the ceremony to give out apartments to families of martyrs and war disabled in the residential complex in Ramana settlement, Baku on February 25, APA reports.

"Armenia has never been in such a miserable state. It is their leaders who put them in this situation – both the leaders of the junta that led Armenia for 20 years, the Kocharyan-Sargsyan junta, and the government that came to power after it. The government that came to power afterwards had a choice – either to continue the policy of aggression and bring itself to a miserable state or to leave our lands of its own free will. We gave them this chance, and I said many times during the war that they should give us a timetable of when they would vacate our lands, and we would stop the war. And so it happened – as soon as they gave us the timetable, the war stopped. But they were forced to give us this timetable. They didn’t give it of their own accord. After we had destroyed their army, the servicemen of the Armenian army, and brought them to their knees, they were forced to sign an act of capitulation and our victory was confirmed.

We would have liberated all our lands anyway, but there could be many losses, especially in the direction of Kalbajar and Lachin. It was already winter, it was snowing, and we could have suffered heavy losses there. Therefore, we defeated the enemy by military means, drove them out of our lands, liberated Shusha and other cities from the invaders. After that, we returned Lachin, Kalbajar and a part of Aghdam district by political means – these lands are already under our control," noted the President.


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