Azerbaijani President: "Autumn sowing has already been carried out on 7,000 hectares"

Azerbaijani President: "Autumn sowing has already been carried out on 7,000 hectares"
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  • calendar-gray 04 February 2021

"As for settlements, we must first rebuild cities. Therefore, all the cities must be cleared of mines, first of all," said President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev as he received in a video format Vugar Suleymanov due to his appointment as Chairman of the Board of the Agency for Mine Action of the Republic of Azerbaijan, APA reports.

"At the same time, restoration work will begin in some villages in the near future, and I have already said that. We are now developing a “smart village” concept. This concept is almost ready. I have been updated of it and approved it. The first pilot project “smart village” will be implemented. Those places must be identified correctly. Farmlands and roads leading to them must be cleared. This is one of the priorities. Because the hated enemy has brutally exploited our land. The despicable enemy illegally used 90,000 hectares of land under grain alone and enriched itself. In order not to waste any time, all the resources have already been mobilized on my instructions. I started this work immediately after the war ended. I can say that the autumn sowing has been carried out. Notice that the war ended on 10 November and we started sowing in December. I am informed on a daily basis that the autumn sowing has already been carried out on 7,000 hectares. So this still is also evidence of our strength. It shows that we do not want to wait a minute or a day. We want to return to these lands, and the former IDPs, of course, have lived with these dreams for 30 years. Their feelings are understandable. At the same time though, the safety of these people and their close ones is a top priority. Three people recently hit by a landmine and one died. There was someone who initiated it. The person who initiated that was injured, as were those around him. So this is a very serious responsibility. Therefore, the process of identifying the areas for the spring sowing campaign is now underway. Lands have been identified and the roads leading to these areas must be among the priorities," noted the President.


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