Azerbaijani President: Today we do not depend on anyone economically

Azerbaijani President: Today we do not depend on anyone economically
  • Clock-gray 11:41
  • calendar-gray 24 November 2020

"During these 17 years, I have always said that we must give a strong impetus to the economic sector, ensure economic independence, and we did that. Today we do not depend on anyone economically. If we were, we could come under pressure. There was pressure anyone, but to no avail. Because it is pointless to use the economic factor against us. We do not depend on anyone, we do not depend on any country, on any international financial institution. On the contrary, we are a donor country now, we lend money to others. Our strong economic potential and financial resources have allowed us the opportunity to fully ensure economic independence," said President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev during his speech in front of Aghdam mosque, APA reports.

"This has also played a special role in our victory. Because if we were not economically independent, we would not be able to achieve political independence. Without political independence, we could not liberate our lands from the enemy, an enemy with great powers behind it, with very influential circles of those powers, Armenian lobby organizations.

These factors have increased our strength and paved the way for our victory. The number one issue is our military strength. I have repeatedly said that building up our military capacity is the first issue for us. It is no coincidence that during my presidency, our military expenditures were in first place among budget expenditures every year. I have said or explained to our people that we do have many other issues, there are problems that need to be addressed, but our main problem is that our lands are under occupation. This is why military expenditures come first among others. We bought the necessary equipment. We demonstrated this equipment and modern weapons in the numerous parades on Azadlig Square. We adopted the most advanced trends in the development of our army. We bought weapons that would give us an advantage, and the Second Karabakh War showed that," noted the head of the state.


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