Azerbaijani President: "We have defeated the enemy on the battlefield"

Azerbaijani President: "We have defeated the enemy on the battlefield"
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  • calendar-gray 08 January 2021

"We have restored historical justice. We have shown our strength to the whole world. We have shown that no-one can confront our resolve. At the same time, we showed responsibility, we showed justice, we did not enter into the territory of Armenia even though dozens of civilians were killed as a result of war crimes committed against us from the territory of Armenia and our cities were bombed. We did not cross into the territory of Armenia," said President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev at meeting in a video format on the results of 2020, APA reports.

"We showed respect for international law. There are no moral frames for the hated enemy. They have no moral values. And yet I said that we could not act like them, we are Azerbaijanis, we are a self-respecting people. We have defeated the enemy on the battlefield. We have taught the enemy a lesson on the battlefield and they are still struggling to recover from it. The crisis that has engulfed Armenia today is the result of their policy of aggression. They should have vacated our lands peacefully. We gave them a chance. They should have left our lands of their own free will, but we saw the exact opposite – illegal settlement, our cities being renamed, Azerbaijan's historical, cultural and religious heritage being destroyed. Unfortunately, some countries, some international organizations and companies have helped them in that. Illegal business activity was carried out on our lands. We will talk about that today and relevant instructions have already been issued. Those companies will be prosecuted. Let them know this and wait for this day. Representatives of the parliaments of different countries used to go there, but let’s see how they will go there now. A delegation went there from France, members of their parliament. Unfortunately, the peacekeepers gave them this permission. However, we had told the peacekeeping forces that no foreign citizens can go to Nagorno-Karabakh without our permission. As a result, the French Ambassador was invited to our Foreign Ministry and a note was handed to it. We will not remain silent," noted the head of state.


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