Azerbaijani President: "Review government spending and reduce non-priority spending"

Azerbaijani President: "Review government spending and reduce non-priority spending"
  • Clock-gray 16:17
  • calendar-gray 17 April 2020

"But I want to say once again that the impact of the pandemic on the economic situation is inevitable. We are already seeing it. Therefore, I ask the government, especially the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Economy, to review government spending and reduce non-priority spending," President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said at a meeting on the socio-economic results of the first quarter of 2020 through videoconference, on April 14, APA reports.


President Ilham Aliyev noted that at the same time, it is necessary to apply the mechanism of rigorous control overspending. "I expressed my opinion on this issue earlier. Recently, there has been a positive trend in this direction, as a result of which, both last year and in the three months of this year, we managed to transfer additional financial resources into the budget. But I think that there are still reserves, and it is necessary to review both investment and current expenses. Because sometimes running costs are inflated. In particular, unfortunately, the running costs of state organizations, state companies are inflated, so very serious attention should be paid to this area. Additional steps must be taken to ensure full transparency in this area. I believe that thanks to this, of course, we will maintain the stability of our financial and economic situation."


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