Fattah Heydarov: "Leadership determination of President Ilham Aliyev is perceived in the world as one of best samples"

Fattah Heydarov: "Leadership determination of President Ilham Aliyev is perceived in the world as one of best samples"
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  • calendar-gray 08 June 2020

"The coronavirus pandemic has become a global disaster facing the whole world. In the fight against this massive disease, openly threatening humanity, the most developed countries of the world, as well as world science and healthcare, are still powerless. The most effective measures against this global disaster are undoubtedly the adoption of preventive steps, the timely identification and elimination of risks, and most importantly, the adoption of decisions that ensure the welfare of people facing serious social problems," chairman of the Board of Aksakals of Azerbaijan, MP Fattah Heydarov said, APA reports.

F. Heydarov noted that from this point of view, the strategic position of the Azerbaijani state in the fight against the pandemic and the leadership decisiveness of President Ilham Aliyev is perceived in the world as one of the best examples: "I note one more point - among those who recognize this fact, authoritative international organizations and foreign experts prevail.

The President of Azerbaijan at meetings and speeches within the framework of his last visit to the regions adjacent to the Karabakh region brought full clarity to these processes.

The policy pursued in Azerbaijan is, as always, our citizens and their health. The measures taken in our country in the field of combating the pandemic are targeted, effective. Thanks to timely bold steps taken, the authorities in the name of protecting the lives of citizens took economic losses that were not provided for in the state budget. The President has allocated more than 3.5 billion manats to support sectors of the economy affected by the pandemic, as well as to protect the well-being of the unemployed and the poor. During this period, not a single social project has been curtailed in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan, under the leadership of Ilham Aliyev, in such a difficult and important time for the whole world, set an example of initiative and created a very important format of cooperation. The summits of the Cooperation Council of Turkic-speaking States and the Non-Aligned Movement were successfully held. I also emphasize that more than 150 countries have already applied to international financial institutions for financial support. Azerbaijan is not only listed among them but even became the first country to donate $ 10 million to the World Health Organization. In addition, our state has already provided humanitarian support to 30 countries.

The objective reasoning of President Ilham about the “activities” of the notorious anti-Azerbaijani network, as well as about the negative role of PACE in these processes, creates a real impression in our people. According to the head of state, PACE is a regional platform where double standards have gained the widest scope, and, unfortunately, Azerbaijan remains one of the main targets of this approach. For almost 20 years, a number of political executives have been trying to use the PACE rostrum for unjustified criticism and slander against our country.

On the other hand, the president’s statements on such factors as the exposure of the fascist and terrorist essence of the Armenian state, the historical truth, the political, legal, economic, military superiority of Azerbaijan, the international support of our country in the process of resolving the conflict are very important. Indeed, from a political and legal point of view, the position of Azerbaijan is ideal, and the position of Armenia is wrong. Azerbaijan is stronger than Armenia in the economic, military sphere. The source of the power of the Azerbaijani army is the people. The source of the Armenian army is external donations, and they openly admit that without external support this country will disappear, there will be no future."


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