President of Azerbaijan: When the Khojaly genocide was committed, the world community was silent

President of Azerbaijan: When the Khojaly genocide was committed, the world community was silent
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  • calendar-gray 26 February 2021

"When the Khojaly genocide was committed, the world community was silent," said Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev at the press conference held in a video format for local and foreign journalists, commenting on the indifferent attitude of the world towards the Khojaly genocide, APA reports.

The head of state said that probably one of the reasons for this was the lack of information at the time: “Information about the war was one-sided. Armenia used its propaganda, and the Azerbaijani side was in a completely helpless position. Because at that time we did not have the foundations of statehood. At that time Azerbaijan was in an uncontrollable position, while Azerbaijan resembled today's Armenia. Incompetent authority, crisis situation, lack of discipline in the army ...

The army actually left the subordination of the authorities. We see the same picture today in Armenia. Our options at that time were very limited. This is one reason. Another reason is that the world didn't want to see it. We figured it out later. It was a picture that to some extent contradicted existing stereotypes. Because when the First Karabakh War began, one can say that in most countries there was an opinion that Armenia is right, Azerbaijan is wrong.

Questions of territorial integrity were put aside, only the question of self-determination of peoples came to the fore. At that time, no one asked the question, because the Armenian people determined themselves, they have an independent Armenian state, why should a second Armenian state be created on the historical Azerbaijani land?

Nobody could answer that. Therefore, these stereotypes persisted for many years. There has been injustice against us for years. Look, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US Congress passed the In Support of Freedom Act. This law was adopted with the aim of providing assistance to all former Soviet republics.

Azerbaijan was expelled from there. Who ruled out? Representatives of the Armenian lobby. Many of them are still in high positions. What was the reason? Azerbaijan imposed a blockade on Armenia, that is, isolated it. How was it isolated if our lands were occupied? However, sanctions were imposed against us, and to this day this sanction is still in force. She also has a number, 907th amendment to the In Support of Freedom Act.

This means that sanctions are being applied to us, can there be such injustice? Those in power at that time could not take any steps against this. It took years for us to be able to change the idea of ​​the world, to present the truth. To confirm the obvious truths, to prove them, look at how much effort we put in.

And the stereotype was that Armenia was right, no matter what she did, they still justified them. Look how many opposition leaders have been arrested in Armenia over the past 1-2 years, how many people have been deprived of their rights. There were even political killings. Has any international organization condemned them? Not. They can do whatever they want. And we fought, tried to prove that we were right, and we achieved it ”.


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