Samad Seyidov: “Nothing retains Azerbaijan in PACE dominated by hypocrisy and double standards”

Samad Seyidov: “Nothing retains Azerbaijan in PACE dominated by hypocrisy and double standards”
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  • calendar-gray 06 February 2020

“The Council of Europe with double standards is already going away into the archive of the history”, Samad Seyidov, Head of Azerbaijan’s delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) told APA while commenting on statements of President Ilham Aliyev regarding the Council of Europe.

S. Seyidov said President Ilham Aliyev actually gave detailed information about the present condition of the Council of Europe: “The Council of Europe can’t already even arrange its behavior against Azerbaijan, Russia, Hungary, Turkey, Poland and other countries. At the last session, the authorities of 8 delegations were called into question and were not confirmed. In the time when Azerbaijan attempts to establish normal, constructive relations with PACE, the biased, unfair decision was adopted against our country. Therefore the stance of the country’s leader is understandable. A serious crisis is taking place inside this organization. The fate of the organization remains doubtful”.

S. Seyidov stated that Azerbaijan is ready to work with an organization which is ready to listen to Azerbaijan’s position, interests, and opinion attentively and accept them: “How does Azerbaijan work with an organization that exposes itself, adopts biased documents, puts under question its fate? Nothing keeps Azerbaijan in such a non-authoritative organization, where hypocrisy and double standards dominate. From the national interests’ point of view, Azerbaijan wants to keep its relations with all organizations. With the Council of Europe too.

Today Azerbaijan is ready to defend its and Turkey’s positions in the Council of Europe at a high level. But does the Council of Europe ready to defend its position? This question remains unanswered. The Council of Europe should respond to the question itself. Azerbaijan does to exit from the Council of Europe, the organization exits from itself, the organization destroys itself. The Council of Europe using democracy, human rights, and rule of law as a tool, uses the tool to direct its fate to the absolutely wrong direction. Thus, the organization does not establish any ground for the future of itself.”

Firuza Vahid

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