Scientist: “Etchmiadzin territory was purchased by an Armenian, came from Iran, in 1431 - INTERVIEW

Scientist: “Etchmiadzin territory was purchased by an Armenian, came from Iran, in 1431 - INTERVIEW
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In general, there has not been a notion like the Armenian factor in the South Caucasus before the 15th century. Armenian Grigor Makulu, who was from Iran’s Maku city, purchased 1/3 of the current Etchmiadzin territory and several surrounding villages in 1431 for 540,000 dinars in Tabriz silver, leading scientist employee of Department of Dede Korkut of ANAS Folklore Institute, Doctor of Philosophy in Philology, docent, Chair of Azerbaijan Refugees Society and Western Azerbaijani Community, Deputy of  Azerbaijani Parliament Aziz Alakbarli said in his interview to APA.

According to him, the ruler of Garagoyunlu bought from Amir Rustam during the term of Cahanshah. In 1441, the rest part was bought and in 1443, the Armenian religious department was moved here from the current Turkish city of Sis on the Mediterranean coast: “After this, the Armenianization of the entire South Caucasus was also carried out by the Etchmiadzin Church. If the exact date of the purchasing of Etchmiadzin by the Armenians is known and if its documents are in our hands, then what kind of Armenian factor we can speak about before this date?”

A.Alakbarli noted that to that date, there was a church but it was a Turkish-Kipchak church: “Let me tell you one fact about Etchmiadzin. In fact, the founder of Gregorianism, the Enlightener Gregory himself is of Turkmen origin, the son of the Turkmen Anak. The point is that Christianity in the South Caucasus is Turkish Christianity. Later, the Armenians Arianianized it.”

Mirmehdi Aghaoghlu

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