Text of the appeal of the Azerbaijani parliament to the president regarding dissolution of the Milli Majlis

Text of the appeal of the Azerbaijani parliament to the president regarding dissolution of the Milli Majlis
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  • calendar-gray 02 December 2019

Azerbaijani parliament has decided to appeal to the President of the Republic in connection with the dissolution of the Milli Majlis and calling of early elections, APA reports.

The decision has been voiced by Deputy Chairperson of Azerbaijani Parliament Bahar Muradova.

The decision notes that the fundamental reforms carried out in the Republic of Azerbaijan have recently entered a qualitatively new stage: “Structural and personnel reforms carried out in the Cabinet of Ministers, central and local executive bodies, the judicial legal system, regional governing bodies, as a whole in all spheres of state and public life, are welcomed by the public.

There is a necessity to improve the activity of Milli Majlis, to increase its efficiency, its renewal, alignment with the country's dynamic development and comprehensive reform strategy for further accelerating these reforms,  covering all branches of state power.

Milli Majlis should not stand outside from the process of further expanding and deepening of reforms being implemented in the country, should show an example of statehood aimed at the reforms to cover the legislative body. In this regard, the members of New Azerbaijan Party which is the majority in the Milli Majlis have appealed to the chairman of Milli Majlis in connection with the appeal to the President on dissolution of the parliament and holding early elections and stated that they came to the conclusion that it is not possible to carry out activity of the parliament in this situation and holding the early elections is necessary. Party members said that, in their opinion, the parliament would not be able to work in such a situation and it was necessary to hold early elections. During the discussion of this appeal at the plenary session of the parliament, most deputies from other parties, as well as non-partisan deputies supported the initiative of the NAP representatives and declared the impossibility of continuing the work of the parliament in this situation.

Reelection of deputies by citizens of the country is necessary, taking into consideration the existence of determined positions of the absolute majority of Milli Majlis deputies on the impossibility of realization of Parliament’s activity and prevention of Parliament’s activity by itself. As Milli Majlis is not able to execute its powers anymore, it considers that Azerbaijani Parliament should not fall behind wide-range institutional and staff reforms, conducted in the country, and should rearrange its activity. That is why Milli Majlis should be dissolved and early parliamentary elections should be held in order to execute powers, noted in the Articles 94-95 of the Constitution of Republic of Azerbaijan, in accordance with modern calls and regain people’s reliance.

According to the above-mentioned expressions, guided by the 3rd part of Article 95 of the Constitution, Milli Majlis decides: According to Article 98-1 of the Constitution, President shall be appealed for the dissolution of Milli Majlis and holding early elections.”


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