Ali Ahmadov: “Society witnessed new failure of virtual opposition"

Ali Ahmadov: “Society witnessed new failure of virtual opposition"
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  • calendar-gray 27 September 2019

“Society witnessed the new failure of virtual opposition. 28 September protest myth, promoted virtually and nearly called “beginning of political triumph” of virtual opposition for several weeks, ended as expected”, said Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan and Executive Secretary of the New Azerbaijan Party on his Facebook account, APA reports.

He noted that opposition had to refuse the protest, as protest did not get real manifestation of its virtual so-called “support”, in simple words, there was no protest mood, wish of participation in protest and people, willing for protests, in the society: “As usual, they did not forget to find a pretext. However, all understood once more that virtual meeting view, created by the opposition, did not have any relation with real political and social processes of the society. Virtuality and virtual opposition got seriously damaged. It really means the collapse of the opposition.”

He said that the opposition was obliged to refuse the rally because of the lack of a virtual "support" for the rally, and, to put it simply, the rally atmosphere and lack of desire and enthusiasm for the rally: “It has become clear to everyone once again that the virtual rally created by the opposition has nothing to do with the real political and social processes in society. The virtual and virtual opposition has severely been damaged. It means literally their failure. The political resource we have been talking about in the traditional opposition ended, and today it is impossible to find anything that proves its connection with the people. The neglect of people to the opposition for many years should be understood first of all as the result of having no relation with people.”

Deputy Prime Minister noted that the mentioned traditional opposite exists for a long time especially in the virtual world: “ If someone in the virtual world considers that he has power and it comforts him, let them be. The tragicomic event, after the country's presidential election, as the defeated opposition representative had called himself "president" for almost a year has not been erased from memories. Now a new tragicomic event is being observed. Known virtual opposition has named itself as “main opposition” thanks to the manipulations of its anonymous supporters.”

A. Ahmadov stated that virtuality is a way to cover up the real essence of opposition: “ The cruelty of virtual “democrats” to their family members hidden for political purposes has become a widespread discussion a disgust objects in some circles for several days. This event is one more proof of downfall and exposure of virtual opposition, as well as a clear indicator of the essence of hypocrisy."

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