Ali Hasanov: “Those who fail to manage picket with 50 participants how can take the responsibility of people and state?”

Ali Hasanov: “Those who fail to manage picket with 50 participants how can take the responsibility of people and state?”
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  • calendar-gray 09 October 2019

“Citizens’ freedom of assembly in the Republic of Azerbaijan is regulated by Article 49 of the Constitution and other legislative acts. According to our Constitution, everyone has the right for freedom of assembly with others not violating public order and contradicting public morals, having notified respective governmental bodies in advance, peacefully and without arms, organize meetings, demonstrations, processions, place pickets,” an assistant to the President for Public and Political Issues and Head of Department of Public and Political Issues, Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan Republic Ali Hasanov wrote on Facebook, APA reports.

“Although political freedom of organizations and freedom of assembly of people are especially attached great importance in Azerbaijan, like other countries, there are certain terms, prohibitions and legal sanctions in the case of violation of the laws related to the organization procedure of meetings in accordance with international standards. All of these are a simple reality, and they are known and should be known by all those being engaged in politics. However, unfortunately, many radical opposition circles of Azerbaijan, including APFP, led by Ali Karimli, do not want to perceive the simple reality for more than 25 years, and try to use protests, organized by them, as a tool of unrest and disturbance, not as a citizen meeting expressing general interests and welfare of the society.

“Leaders” who can not control their own party and a picket with 50 people to attend, how can bear the responsibility of all people and the state? Our people know it well that they clench their teeth to the Azerbaijani Government by the juice of finance from foreign anti-Azerbaijan centers. But the truth is that these clenched teeth have been exposed to severe caries, and they need dental check-up and treatment. Such initiative surely can be taken by a new generation and probably they will. In all countries and at all times the government and the opposition are shaped by the nation. Therefore, there is a great need to reforming the opposition in Azerbaijan, update in accordance with the current demands, and transforming to the institution in accordance with the desires and dreams of the people," he said.


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