Former member of Musavat Party revealed next forged document given by the party to political migrant - PHOTO

Former member of Musavat Party revealed next forged document given by the party to political migrant - PHOTO
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  • calendar-gray 16 November 2019

An allegation has been put forward by Yafez Ekremov, who is a migrant journalist in Europe and former member of Musavat, that Musavat Party provided fake document for one more political migrant, APA reports.

He shared photo of the document with signature of Arif Hajili and stamp of Musavat Party and wrote: “After so much tumults, Gulagha Aslanli still says to present facts. Are not these facts enough? If it is not, I share a document with Arif Hajili’s original signature and Musavat’s stamp given to a fake political migrant.

I know they will try to find a role to evade the issue. It is not important, I just inform you. The issue is a document full with fake and incorrect information. The document was given by Arif Hajili to a Nakhchivan resident, willing to migrate to Europe in 2014. I share the document by hiding name of the person yet. The document reads “the hero” provided with the document is an active member of Musavat Organization Youth Core in Babek District. The first lie is that Musavat party has not had a Youth Core in the organizations, located in the territory of Nackchivan Autonomous Republic. The document has just been written in this form to make it more effective. Other information are incorrect like the expressions such as “subjected to pressures”, “police chasing”, “to have to be migrate”, noted in the document, they aim at the person’s obtaining a migrant status conveniently. Why do I write these with certainty? Because I have been at leading posts in Musavat’s organization in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic for a long period of time. There is not any activist of Musavat (or a little active) in Nakhchivan that I do not know now. All journalists, facing pressure, always immediately informed me to cover it, as I am a journalist. It was so until 2015. I still know by heart those who can be subjected to pressures. If we believe in the words, noted in the document, the person is the member of the party since 2008. It would be impossible that I don’t know the activist, facing pressures really. I say with great certainty that any Nakhchvan citizen activist who is member of Musavat did not emigrate so far, regardless of his identity. If there were such a person, I knew him. The person, who provided with the document by Arif Hajili, I do not know. Let they answer themselves where, how, and why he was accepted as a member of Musavat and this document written.”

Journalist stated that mentioned person has never been a member of Musavat: “If he is, it was “prepared” in the archieve of Baku headquarter on previous dates by fake means. May be it has not done even. Recently, Arif Hajili has released information for so-called “transperancy” that they have provided 197 documents in recent 5 years. However they hide identification information about document receivers. According to our research, this figure is much more than mentioned one. Furthermore, data, noted in documents are mostly incorrect like the document I share. That is why they do not share identification of document receivers. Then they say why they are called forgers, traders. Just that is why. If you don’t act in this way, then you will not called so.”

Yafez Ekremoglu noted that the person mentioned in the document migrated to one of European countries in 2014: “A negative decision was adopted on him and he could not obtain a political status. It means, fake data in the document did not help him. Purpose of the hiding his name and future fate is to prevent the danger he may face.”

The head of the party's Central Executive Office Gulagha Aslanli told APA that an investigation is underway in the Party on the document and public will be informed on the results.


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