99 years pass since liberation of Baku from bolshevik-dashnak occupation

99 years pass since liberation of Baku from bolshevik-dashnak occupation
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Today, September 15, marks the 99th anniversary of the liberation of Baku from the bolshevik-dashnak occupation. 


On September 15, 1918, the Caucasian Islamic Army led by Nuru Pasha and the Azerbaijani body released Baku from the bolshevik-dashnak occupation, securing the independence of Azerbaijan and putting an end to the occupation of Baku and surrounding areas by the Armenians and Bolsheviks.


The liberation of Baku from the Armenian-Bolshevik occupation is one of the most valiant pages of Azerbaijan’s history of the twentieth century. Ottoman Turkey, despite its difficult situation, to restore the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan sent here Caucasus Islamic Army led by Nuru Pasha.


Despite protests from European countries to the arrival of Turkish troops in Azerbaijan, in August-September 1918, Ottoman Turkey didn’t deny its help and honestly fulfilled its historic mission. The Caucasian Islamic Army, by successfully completing the September 15 mission, cleared Baku off invaders and contributed to Azerbaijan’s statehood. After the historic victory, the capital of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was moved from Ganja to Baku on September 17, which started the main stage of state-building in Azerbaijan.


The liberation of Baku from the bolshevik-dashnak occupation caused real holiday. Famous millionaire and well-doer Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev organized a solemn banquet in honor of the Turkish army. The banquet was held at present Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Hall. Taghiyev made presents to Nuru Pasha and his heroic warlords. But they were obliged to leave Baku after a short time as a result of increasing pressure of Antanta states on the Ottoman Turkish Empire.


The liberation of Baku on September 15, 1918 is a great event in Azerbaijani-Turkish brotherly and friendly relations. The Azerbaijani nation has never forgotten Turkish soldier and immortalized him.


The Ottoman army during the operation to free the Baku lost 1,130 soldiers. Every year on September 15, the graves of Turkish soldiers, who died for the territorial integrity of our country, are visited not only in Baku, but also in Shamakhi, Goychay and other regions, a commemorative event is held in front of the monument erected in honor of Turkish soldiers at the Alley of Martyrs. The fraternal help the Turkish army offered will never be forgotten and will always be remembered with gratitude of the people of Azerbaijan. 



Ceyhun Aliyev

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