Azerbaijan may reintroduce previously abrogated punishment

 Azerbaijan may reintroduce previously abrogated punishment
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  • calendar-gray 25 September 2017

Azerbaijan may reintroduce a previously abrogated punishment.


A new article (52-1 restriction of freedom) has been proposed by the Azerbaijani president to be added to the Criminal Code, APA reported.


The proposed article restricts the convict’s freedom to residential surveillance without complete isolation from society.


Convicts of this type must abide by the following requirements:


--To not leave the place of residence completely or until certain times of the day;

--To carry the electronic surveillance device and to take care of the device;

--To not leave the area designated by court

--To not change the place of residence without the consent of the body supervising the execution of the penalty; to inform the body about the change of the place of work or study in advance


According to the article, the court can specify the following tasks for the convicts:


--To not organize or participate in mass or other events;

--To pass a course of treatment from alcoholism, drug addiction, toxicomania or venereal diseases.


The punishment provides for imprisonment from 6 months to 5 years.


It is reported that the unserved part of the prisoner’s sentence, who regularly fails to perform the tasks specified by the court, is replaced by a punishment in the form of imprisonment upon the presentation of the body supervising the execution of the punishment. So two days of the term in the form of restriction of freedom are equated to one day of imprisonment. 


The punishment of restriction of freedom was abolished in 2011.


The draft amendments will be submitted for discussion at the parliament after public hearings.





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