Ali Hasanov: Certain states not happy with stability in Azerbaijan

Ali Hasanov: Certain states not happy with stability in Azerbaijan
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  • calendar-gray 30 March 2018

Journalists are the most avant-garde part of the national elite; they create the best and worst impressions in society, said Ali Hasanov, Azerbaijani President’s Assistant for Public and Political Affairs.


He made the remarks on Friday at a roundtable on the theme “Protection of national and moral values in internet media and social networks: Media solidarity”, organized by the Press Council, APA reports. 


Hasanov noted that the legal system is a factor that ensures the existence of a state.


“Secondly, a state has to have an economy in order to sustain itself. Thirdly, there has to be an army. On the other hand, a state has to have media that form the public opinion within the country and mobilize the national elite. We have a president who is the guarantor of our citizens’ rights. I’m familiar with the president’s plans and will, so I call everyone to support him. The purpose of today’s event was to expose an ugly plan against the state of Azerbaijan. The power of a state is defined according to the elite stratum’s attitude towards state, towards policy,” he said.


The presidential assistant said that President Ilham Aliyev’s power is in that his policy is supported by the majority of the population.


“That’s what the results of the latest surveys suggest. Either we have to protect stability or keep watching while states are being brought down in so-called revolutions in the Middle East. Every time our country is about to hold a presidential election those circles interested in Azerbaijan and our rivals make such plans. Today we’re constructing a gas pipeline to Europe, which does not appeal to some states although we still have normal relations with those countries. Tourists come to our country because we have stability,” he added.


Hasanov pointed out that there are certain states that are not happy with the stability in Azerbaijan.


“Prosperous Azerbaijan causes concern among individual countries. There are forces that are interested in Azerbaijan’s energy resources and want to use them free of charge. However, their intentions fail thanks to the president’s will,” he said.


The Azerbaijani president’s independent policy does not allow different forces to turn the country into a tool of their regional and international policy, stressed Hasanov.  


“We have not and will not allow Azerbaijan to be used against another state. And this does not meet the interests of some states. We are talking about certain forces, countries. One of these forces wanted to create a hotbed of discontent in Azerbaijan in 2003. All those who fight illegally are not interested in the prosperity of Azerbaijan,” he said.


Hasanov went on to say that the purpose of today’s event is to bring this discontent to society through media.


“Small states are more vulnerable to outside pressure, and it is relatively easy to disrupt their stability. We must protect the stability in Azerbaijan. It is necessary to fight those who have lost the sense of the nationality, a sense of fear and shame. We are fighting not with 5-10 people who have lost a sense of national dignity. The main target of our struggle is those who express their interests through these people,” Hasanov added.





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