Azerbaijan to amend law on border troops

Azerbaijan to amend law on border troops
  • Clock-gray 16:51
  • calendar-gray 05 June 2018

The President of Azerbaijan has submitted a draft law to the parliament on amending the Law “On border troops”.


In the draft amendment, the law has been renamed as the Law “On border guard bodies”.


Article 1 of the draft reads as follows:


“Comprised of border troops, swift action forces, coastal protection, border control and other bodies, the border guard bodies of the Republic of Azerbaijan ensure protection and inviolability of the state border of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Border protection bodies are regulated by concerned executive authorities. Heads of concerned executive authorities are in charge of border protection bodies.”


The current form of the article is as follows:


“The Border Troops of the Republic of Azerbaijan secure the protection and inviolability of country’s state border.”


The draft law will be tabled at the first meeting of the parliament’s extraordinary session scheduled for June 12. 

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