Azerbaijani MPs voice protest over PACE’s anti-Azerbaijan resolutions

Azerbaijani MPs voice protest over PACE’s anti-Azerbaijan resolutions
  • Clock-gray 11:58
  • calendar-gray 20 October 2017

At today's meeting of the Azerbaijani Parliament, MPs voiced strong protest against the anti-Azerbaijani resolutions adopted at the last PACE session, APA reported. 


MP Elmira Akhundova said that the fact that Ukrainian MPs voted against Azerbaijan was not approved of by Kiev, either.


According to her, this issue was touched upon at a meeting held with the Ukrainian deputy prime minister in the office of the Congress of Ukrainians of Azerbaijan.


"I believe that what those MP did does not reflect the position of Kiev," Akhundova said.


MP Tahir Karimli in his speech called PACE members "immoral".


"If the Council of Europe wants to exclude Azerbaijan from its ranks, then our country must itself withdraw from this organization, without waiting for the decision of the Council of Europe. Europe does not want to see the colors of our flag. So where is our Caucasian pride? Why should we live under the dictation of an empire that collapsed due to its immorality? We ourselves must decide who should be released, and we should never live under the dictation of big states. Nor should we blindly follow their instructions," he added.  


Speaker Oktay Asadov reacted to the deputy's statement, saying "If we blindly obeyed the Council of Europe, then we would not have been treated like that. The problem has to do with the influence of the Armenian diaspora and the position of Azerbaijan.”


MP Fazil Mustafa accused the Council of Europe demonstrating a biased attitude towards Azerbaijan.


MP Zahid Oruj said that Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, having decided to participate in the Brussels summit, expressed his attitude towards Europe.


“If we decide to withdraw from the Council of Europe, then Armenians will take advantage of this opportunity trying to achieve the recognition of the “independence” of Nagorno-Karabakh,” he added.


Speaker Ogtay Asadov said: “No one is going to leave this organization. “We are talking about the attitude of this organization”.


MP Samad Seyidov also proposed to inform the PACE about the results of discussions held in the parliament. 

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