Azerbaijani President: "Serious investigation into the situation in the energy system should be carried out, the perpetrators should be brought to justice"

Azerbaijani President: "Serious investigation into the situation in the energy system should be carried out, the perpetrators should be brought to justice"
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"I want to express my gratitude to all the Azerbaijani citizens for their support, understanding and civic solidarity," said President Ilham Aliyev at a meeting on the state of the country’s energy system.



President Ilham Aliyev said that as a result of the accident at the Mingachevir power station, serious problems were experienced in the energy supply of the country.


The Head of State noted that as a result of the operative measures the power supply was restored in a few hours.


"By my order, a state commission was set up to investigate the issue, and the commission started its work. Several tasks have been set for the Commission. The main task among them is to investigate the issue and find out the cause of the accident. At the same time, the commission should identify the perpetrators, make suggestions on the measures to be taken against them, and prepare a plan of action to prevent such accidents in the future. The power supply was cut off yesterday evening again. As a result of the taken measures, the energy supply was restored in a short time. I must note that I gave a serious assignment to all the state bodies to assist citizens in this situation, so that we can get out of the situation with dignity. I can say that all state agencies have shown great professionalism in the performance of this task, and as a result of their successful activity, this accident was almost eliminated. Though citizens suffered greatly, no serious incidents occurred ".



The President said that during the incident, the Ministry of Emergency Situations correctly organized its activity: "The Ministry of Emergency Situations quickly and correctly carried out the proceedings. Citizens were evacuated from the subway, the citizens who were on the elevators were evacuated, the rescuers worked very successfully. The internal affairs bodies were very active. First of all, the issue of keeping public order was on the agenda. At the same time, there was a great danger that the city traffic could be in an uncontrollable situation, and police officers could successfully control the traffic on the road intersections. I must also point out that the Azerbaijani citizens have shown great responsibility, demonstrating civic solidarity with this issue, and the Azerbaijani society has been able to come out of this difficult trial as a whole. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the citizens of Azerbaijan for their support, understanding and civil solidarity. I know that citizens have helped each other. This once again shows that Azerbaijani society is a very mature society and, in essence, there is civil solidarity in Azerbaijan. "


President Ilham Aliyev noted that transport issues were correctly regulated during the energy fault: "The Baku Transport Agency immediately took operative measures, new buses were sent to the lines. Passengers were given great attention and care. In a word, I think that all state agencies have shown great professionalism in this extremely difficult situation. We have been able to get out of this situation with less loss. "



Nevertheless, the Head of State underlined that the accident that has taken place twice should be investigated very seriously: "In recent years, huge investments have been made in the energy sector of Azerbaijan. Over the last 15 years, dozens of new power stations have been put into operation in Azerbaijan. Over the past 15 years, 2500 megawatt new power stations have been built. Our current energy potential is 6400 megawatts. Its 2,500 megawatts were created over the last 15 years. New power stations have been established in all regions of our country. Hydropower stations were established in Baku, Sumgayit, Shirvan, Astara, Khachmaz, Shaki, Guba, as well as in the regions. The geography of these stations shows that we tried to build new stations in all regions of our country to ensure stability in the energy system. However, as a result of an accident, the entire energy system was almost out of order. This issue creates very serious questions that should be studied very seriously. As a result of this accident, people suffered greatly from the heat, and the economy suffered greatly. It is true that both the first and second times the energy supply was restored within a few hours as a result of operative measures. However, these accidents should not occur, and if they happen, it should not lead to such consequences. No country in the world has been insured from accident. However, the accident must be local. The accident that took place at one station had a great impact on our entire energy system. Therefore, I would like to say that a very serious investigation should be carried out, the perpetrators must be brought to justice, and an action plan should be prepared so that we can protect ourselves from these accidents and their consequences in the future. "

Ceyhun Aliyev

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