Heads of religious confessions in Azerbaijan congratulate President Ilham Aliyev

Heads of religious confessions in Azerbaijan congratulate President Ilham Aliyev
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  • calendar-gray 18 April 2018

Heads of religious confessions in Azerbaijan have congratulated Ilham Aliyev on his convincing victory in the April 11 presidential election in Azerbaijan.


The congratulatory message was issued by Chairman of the Caucasian Muslims Office, Sheikh ul-Islam Allahshukur Pashazade; Bishop Alexander of Baku and Azerbaijan, Ordinary of the Roman Catholic Church's Apostolic Prefecture in Azerbaijan Vladimir Fekete; Chairman of the Azerbaijan Mountain Jews Community Milikh Yevdayev; Head of the Albanian Udi Christian Community Robert Mobili.


“We are pleased to congratulate you on behalf of all the religious people of Azerbaijan on your convincing win in the presidential election, and ask the Almighty God to bless you in your work for the people and state of Azerbaijan, as well as in your deeds and endeavors of international value. Your Excellency, You are the irreplaceable leader of the people of Azerbaijan in the 21st century. Our people once again displayed their will through this election. Our people are determined to see you in the position of Head of State, as a political figure who has had exceptional achievements in the past years,” reads the congratulatory message.


“Your Excellency, you have gained all this love and respect through your large-scale activities, humane attitudes and global endeavors. Both the Year of Multiculturalism and the Year of Islamic Solidarity, which you declared, are just some of your efforts aimed at promoting universal goals. Thanks to your consistent efforts, Azerbaijan that historically played a role of bridge between East and West continues to make special and valuable contributions to the processes ongoing in the world. We are proud to say that Azerbaijan’s successes, leading role and active position in the process of dialogue between cultures, civilizations and religions are based on your political will and global initiatives.”  


“Dear Mr. President, your great efforts to strengthen Azerbaijan’s state independence and increase economic power is a source of pride. Your practical steps taken towards maintaining high level religious-state relations in Azerbaijan, as well as your material and moral support for the revival of national and cultural heritage, state-level care and protection of Christian and Jewish religious temples- along with mosques, is assessed as an example of wise politics in the international arena,” the message says.








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