Ilham Aliyev: Today we show example of how to govern a country

Ilham Aliyev: Today we show example of how to govern a country
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  • calendar-gray 28 March 2017

Stability is ensured in Azerbaijan and the guarantor of this stability is the people of Azerbaijan, said the country’s President Ilham Aliyev at the conference on development of cotton-growing, which was held in the country's Saatli district on March 28.


Azerbaijan stands out by its policy both in the region and throughout the world, noted President Aliyev.


The head of state said that in Azerbaijan security measures are being taken, social processes are developing in a positive direction, civil solidarity is being strengthened, economic and regional development is accelerating.


"Today we’re showing an example of how to govern a country. We are showing this example, and, of course, this policy is also approved and supported by the people. This is the main factor for realization of our future plans,” said the president.


The unity of people and government is a key factor in the successful development of any country, stressed President Aliyev. 


“I’m confident that our successful economic policy, the development of regions and new initiatives, reforms will ensure sustainable development,” he said adding that strategic road maps have recently been compiled and published.


“The public already knows about this. There are specific programs in each sphere, and we work and will work on the basis of these programs,” added the president.

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