Military expert: Our Armed Forces would’ve liberated Karabakh in April if they’d been commanded to

Military expert: Our Armed Forces would’ve liberated Karabakh in April if they’d been commanded to
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  • calendar-gray 01 April 2017

"At his meeting with a group of servicemen, President of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev conveyed serious messages in connection with the anniversary of the April victories,” Shair Ramaldanov, a retired colonel of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, said in a statement to APA.



Praising the army and the Azerbaijani people’s unanimity as to the Karabakh issue, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief reiterated that Azerbaijan will annihilate the Armenian armed forces with all the weaponry at its disposal if the enemy does not withdraw from the occupied lands, Ramaldanov stressed.


“The Supreme Commander-in-Chief also made it clear what Armenia would have to face in case the Azerbaijani army takes action. This was a message to Armenia, to Armenian mothers. As a humanist, the head of state noted that the Azerbaijani state still gives Armenia a respite in order for it to make the right decision,” he said.


He added that the president said once again Azerbaijan will not allow the establishment of a second Armenian state in its territory.


“This, at the same time, is the Supreme Commander-in-Chief’s trust in the Armed Forces and a task given to the army to liberate the occupied lands in the future. The April battles showed that our army is fully capable of defeating the occupying forces,” he said.


Ramaldanov noted that the head of state conveyed a message to international organizations.


“The head of state said that it’s a domestic affair of Azerbaijan to liberate the occupied lands and no other country can interfere with it. He also urged international organizations to pressure Armenia and ramp up their efforts to peacefully resolve the conflict within international law and Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity. Otherwise, Azerbaijan has only one option: to liberate the lands by use of military force,” he stressed.


Ramaldanov praised the meeting between Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev and the servicemen in connection with the anniversary of the April victories.


"During this meeting, a comparative assessment was given of the current status of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan and the Armed Forces of Armenia. Also, the necessary messages were sent to international structures. It once again drew attention to the fact that the Azerbaijani people will persistently seek the liberation of their lands. From these messages, conclusions have to be drawn. International structures must put an end to passivity and double standards in the approach to settelement. Armenia, demonstrating the lack of constructivism and trying to maintain the status quo, should reconsider its position and withdraw from the occupied lands. Otherwise, Azerbaijan will return its lands by force. There is no waiting. Time tells that certain forces use our peacefulness and elongate the time," said.


Military expert Uzeyir Jafarov told APA that during the meeting with the servicemen, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief voiced very accurate and serious messages.


"President Ilham Aliyev stated that the Azerbaijani Armed Forces did not use all the opportunities in April and achieved this victory by as part of a small task. The head of state noted that this result was achieved only in the course of preventing the enemy's armed provocation. That is, had they been commanded to, our Armed Forces would’ve liberated Karabakh, because we are still waiting for this issue to be resolved within Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and do not want Armenian citizens to die," he said.


Jafarov reminded that the UN Security Council passed four resolutions against the occupation of Azerbaijani lands.



"The Armenian armed forces are considered an “invader” in the territory of Azerbaijan. If there will be no visible progress in the negotiations in the near future, Azerbaijan will probably resolve the issue by force. Azerbaijan has a sufficient number of human resources and weaponry to carry it out the military readiness is at a very high level. In April of last year, the Azerbaijani army shattered the myth that Armenia has built a strong defensive line along the front line. It was a serious signal for Armenia. Armenia will hold parliamentary elections tomorrow. These days many in Armenia worry Azerbaijan may repeat the April success. In any case, sooner or later our soldiers will fulfill this task. Let there be no doubt. Those who patronize the aggressor Armenia are concerned that Azerbaijan may take such a decision. During the meeting, the President said once again that Azerbaijan will not allow the establishment of a second Armenian state in its territory and that our country's territorial integrity will be restored. The Azerbaijani Armed Forces are ready to fulfill this task. To achieve this goal, Azerbaijan bought the most modern weapons last year and probably it will in the near future be included in reports by international organizations. Our political-military leadership's attitude is clear: the necessary steps will continue to be taken until the full restoration of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan,” he said. 

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