Media should only disseminate information verified by Azerbaijani MoD – MP

Media should only disseminate information verified by Azerbaijani MoD – MP
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  • calendar-gray 15 December 2017

Azerbaijani MP, Deputy Executive Secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) Siyavush Novruzov has responded to his some colleagues and non-governmental organizations calling for control over the Armed Forces.


“The Supreme Commander-in-Chief exercises control over the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan. In the event of any shortcomings, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief makes structural changes, etc. In this case, it is wrong to propose that control over the military be carried out by any non-governmental organization,” he said.


Novruzov noted that sometimes those who never served now talk about military service.


"The army is not theoretical. It is practical. Sometimes we compare ourselves with the United States, but their system is completely different. The Supreme Commander's task is that the soldier should not be made cook and wash the floor. Instead he must be ready for battle and learn tactics,” he said.


He went on to say: “Types of weapons are altered and modernized regularly. It is impossible to have a school leaver involved in handling new weapons. For this reason, specialists are involved in the army on a contractual basis. But there are countries where soldiers also serve on contract. If so, they can be controlled because the army is a place of work for those people, not a place of service. It is necessary to have NGOs involved for their rehabilitation and other issues. However, public control on those who are called up for real military service isn’t necessary. Generally, the army must be strictly closed to society, so that it can overcome its work.”


Novruzov also expressed his opinion on the proposal to appoint a civilian defense minister.


He noted that the defense minister of a country that is at war should be a professional serviceman.


"Once a mathematician was appointed as the defense minister and we saw what happened, what games he played on the country. From this point of view, I think that a professional soldier should head the army because our country is in a state of war. In some countries, the fact that the defense minister is a civilian has also led to such opinions in ours. However, such provisions can not be included in the law of a country which is in war,” he said.


“The secrets of the army must be kept confidential and the press should only disseminate information verified by the Ministry of Defense,” added the MP.




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