MP from ruling party reveals to whom next amnesty act may apply to

MP from ruling party reveals to whom next amnesty act may apply to
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  • calendar-gray 01 February 2018

To date, 63 pardon and 11 amnesty decisions have been made, said Deputy Executive Secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party (YAP), MP Siyavush Novruzov.


“We can prepare our own recommendations for the next amnesties. I believe that this action should be different in regard to a number of issues. This time scope should be wider," the MP said at the parliament’s meeting as he voiced his proposal to pass an amnesty act on the occasion of the 95th birth anniversary of national leader Heydar Aliyev, APA reports.  


The MP suggested that this amnesty act, first of all, be applied to those who participated in the battles for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.


"Secondly, amnesty can apply to women over the age of 60. Furthermore, those who have underage children in their custody may benefit from this act. I suggest that the amnesty act apply to all those over the age of 70, as well as religious people who have never joined radical religious movements. The act may also apply to some young people who were influenced by various oppositional radical organizations and reputed international organizations and thus committed crime unknowingly. I think we should take these into consideration,” Novruzov added.   

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