National Council holds rally

National Council holds rally
  • Clock-gray 15:10
  • calendar-gray 28 October 2017

The National Council held a rally today.


APA reports that the rally took place at the former Mahsul stadium in Yasamal district.


The police provided security during the rally, which had been agreed with Baku City Executive Authority.


The Baku City Main Police Department also issued a statement on the rally.


The meeting, which lasted from 15.00 to 17.00, was joined by up to 1,000 members and supporters of


included the Azerbaijani Popular Front Party, the Classic Popular Front, Azerbaijan Popular, the National Statehood parties, the Musavat Party Youth Organization, Democracy and Prosperity, Muslim Unity, NIDA movements, as well as a number of oppositionist non-government organizations.


There were no gross violations of public order and law.

Vuqar Abushov

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