Sevinj Mirzeyeva’s sister: "I am disappointed that she became a political toy in someone's hands"

Sevinj Mirzeyeva’s sister: "I am disappointed that she became a political toy in someone's hands"
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  • calendar-gray 30 March 2017

“Me, Lale Osman gizi Hajiyeva and Sevinj Osman gizi Mirzeyeva  - are the children of one father and mother. Until recently, we have never had serious problems with my sister, either on political views, or on personal preferences”, - sister of journalist Sevinj Mirzoyeva (Osmangizi), who lives in the US, Lale Hajiyeva said in her appeal submitted to APA.


Lale Hajiyeva noted that the sharp change in her sister’s political position caused her regret: "Despite my repeated and persistent attempts to influence her to demonstrate a healthy political position, she did not change her mind. Therefore, our political views have entered into direct contradiction. After much meditation, I decided to state my political position through the media. I repeatedly expressed my disagreement with the opinions of Sevinj about Azerbaijan, the leadership of the country, like the elder sister, demanded to change my position, which did not correspond to the upbringing of our family.


I strongly reject the opinion of Sevinj about President Ilham Aliyev and First Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva. I believe that her irresponsible position is connected with her political instability. I am sad that she became a political toy in someone's hands”.


L.Hadjieva also expressed concern over the fact that her late father Osman Mirzoyev is mentioned in this matter, disturbing his spirit: "I am concerned only that in the discussions about her, the name of the father is mentioned"


L. Hajiyeva concluded: “Considering all this, through the media, I declare that nothing connects me with Sevinj Osman gizi Mirzeyeva”.


It should be noted that S. Osmangizi lives in the USA, now. Currently, she cooperates with In recent months, she has become the subject of discussions because of her statements on the Khojaly genocide. Her opinions in social networks sparked sharp condemnation.

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