Time for warnings is over and it is inevitable that Azerbaijan will solve the problem by itself - MP

member of Azerbaijani Parliament Vugar Isgandarov

© APA | member of Azerbaijani Parliament Vugar Isgandarov

# 25 March 2023 21:41 (UTC +04:00)

"Despite 3 years passed, Russian peacekeepers still do not fulfill their functions and duties properly. In recent days, turning a blind eye to the steps taken by illegal Armenian military units shows that the existence of this mission, which has the name "peacekeeping", has no practical consequences," member of Azerbaijani Parliament Vugar Isgandarov told APA.

The MP said that Azerbaijan has repeatedly proved to the whole world that it will not give up even an inch of its land: "Just as it solved the resolutions of the UN Security Council in the 44-day Patriotic War with its own strength, by military means, it is capable of solving the November 10 Declaration in this way as well. For 3 years, we have issued warnings to both the Armenian leadership and the Russian Federation from various platforms. All steps taken by Armenia on the lands of Azerbaijan are under the control of Azerbaijan. Although statements and appeals have been made in this regard, the result has not been very positive. The time for these warnings is over."