4 countries ask EU to ensure transport of Azerbaijani gas: Hungarian FM

Mikayil Jababrov and Peter Siyatro

© APA | Mikayil Jababrov and Peter Siyatro

# 24 January 2023 18:32 (UTC +04:00)

“Increase of natural gas output in Azerbaijan can play a significant role in the energy security of Hungary and Central Europe. However, this requires the development of relevant infrastructure in the region, which needs the support of the European Union to establish it,” said Hungary’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Siatro at the press conference with Azerbaijan’s Economy Minister Mikayil Jabbarov, who is on a visit to Budapest, APA reports.

According to him, due to the energy crisis that emerged in Europe, the importance of Azerbaijan’s energy resources has increased and the gas imported from Azerbaijan can play a significant role in the energy diversification of Europe in the short and long term period.

It became clear to everyone that talking about diversification is not enough, there are physical limits to this. If Europe can’t acquire new energy sources, can’t establish new transport routes of energy, the energy supply won’t be secure.

It is in the interest of our country to use Azerbaijan’s resources as soon as possible, but for this, the necessary infrastructure should be built in South-Eastern and Central Europe,” he said.
Peter Siyarto stressed that new interconnectors should be built and transport opportunities should be increased and for this subsidies and resources of the European Union are needed.

“We appealed to the European Commission together with Bulgaria, Romania, and Slovakia, so that Brussels treats this issue as a priority and supports the necessary development to ensure the energy security of the region," the Hungarian minister added.

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