EU: “Political relations with EaP member states will develop”

EU: “Political relations with EaP member states will develop”
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  • calendar-gray 18 March 2020

High Representative of European Commission and the European Union for Foreign Policy and Security has prepared a document on the future of Eastern Partnership (EaP), APA reports.

"Over the years, the EaP has been instrumental in bringing the EU and the partner countries closer together. The EaP Summit of November 2017 in Brussels marked a new approach with the adoption of the common reform agenda titled ‘20 Deliverables for 2020’. This ambitious work plan focused on delivering tangible results on the ground and improving the lives of people in four main policy areas: (1) stronger economy; (2) stronger governance; (3) stronger connectivity; and (4) stronger society, together with targets for the cross-cutting issues of gender, civil society, media and strategic communication.

The EaP will continue to aim to build an area of democracy, prosperity, stability and increased cooperation based on common values. The EU has a strategic interest in advancing its global leadership on human rights and democracy in external action, including in relation to the EaP. 

Continued engagement with the EaP countries will remain among the key priorities for the EU. The renewed dynamics of the EaP policy will enhance this engagement by emphasising the significance of this mutually beneficial cooperation. It will translate into further development of political relations with all Eastern partners in both bilateral and multilateral formats. 

According to the consultation, there is a strong consensus that ‘20 deliverables for 2020’ is producing tangible results for society. It has made a difference in 3 out of 4 priority areas, namely stronger economy, stronger connectivity and stronger society. On stronger governance, initial achievements include ‘one-stop-shops’ delivering efficient and accessible public services, and e-assets declarations systems in most partner countries," the document reads.

Zumrud Pashkin

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