Johnson: "EU needs to come to table with something"

Johnson: "EU needs to come to table with something"
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  • calendar-gray 18 December 2020

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated on Friday that he hopes that Britain's "friends" from the European Union "will see sense and come to the [negotiating] table with something themselves," APA reports citing Teletrader.

"If that doesn't happen, then, come January 1, we will be trading on WTO terms," he told reporters, adding that the process of UK's departure from the EU has been "four and a half years in the making" and reiterating that Britain "will prosper mightily... on any terms."

Although the talks "are looking difficult and there's a gap that needs to be bridged," London will continue to negotiate "if there's any chance of a deal," the prime minister also said.


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