UK government adopts four-nation approach - Johnson's spox

UK government adopts four-nation approach - Johnson's spox
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  • calendar-gray 07 May 2020

The United Kingdom Government has adopted a four-nation approach and that, where it makes sense, the four nations of UK should exit lockdowns at the same time. The spokesman stressed that Johnson said the government should be guided by science doing the next steps and that easing of the guidelines that will happen next week, will be very limited, APA reports citing Tele Trader.

He noted that the government has "set out plans for centralized tracing application model and these will be taken forward, but we will keep all options under review to make sure it is as effective as possible," a spokesman for United Kingdom President Boris Johnson stated on Thursday.

He also said that even though Johnson is considering easing of existing guidelines, "we will not do anything to risk a second peak and move forward with maximum caution." He added that the cabinet discussed the situation of "where we are in response to coronavirus and the review which is being conducted into social distancing measures."


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