Denmark, Netherlands opposed granting Ukraine status of candidate for EU membership

Denmark, Netherlands opposed granting Ukraine status of candidate for EU membership
# 10 June 2022 15:43 (UTC +04:00)

Denmark and the Netherlands oppose granting Ukraine the status of a candidate for membership in the EU, while Germany offers to give the country some kind of conditional candidate status, APA reports citing Bloomberg.

According to informed sources, some member states, including the Netherlands, are still opposed to Kyiv's application, while the majority, including Italy, are in favor, the report says.

Bloomberg notes that Denmark is also opposed. The diplomatic note from Copenhagen, which the agency reviewed, states that Ukraine does not sufficiently fulfill the criteria related to the stability of institutions that guarantee democracy, the rule of law, human rights, respect and protection of minorities.

The document notes that Kyiv will need to fundamentally improve the legislative and institutional framework in order to make progress in all these areas.

According to Copenhagen, Ukraine as a whole is at a very early stage of readiness to commit to EU membership.

In turn, Germany offers the option of granting Ukraine conditional candidate status, the agency says.

According to other sources, the European Commission is expected to make recommendations next week on granting Ukraine candidate status.

The final conclusion of the European Commission, even if it is positive, will require the approval of the member states before Ukraine is officially granted this status. The leaders of the bloc intend to discuss this issue in Brussels on June 23-24, Bloomberg reminds.

It is specified that the probable date of the European Commission's conclusion is June 17.