Merkel urged to take Putin’s words about the use of nuclear weapons seriously

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel

© APA | Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel

# 28 September 2022 13:52 (UTC +04:00)

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, at the opening ceremony of the German Chancellor Helmut Kohl Foundation, called for serious consideration of the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the possible use of nuclear weapons. About it informs Suddeutsche Zeitung, APA reports citing DPA.

The publication notes that her statement does not look quite ordinary because the former head of government is now trying to comment on political issues as little as possible. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the current energy crisis in Europe is partly its fault, the publication notes.

Merkel, in particular, said that Kohl would now do everything “possible to protect and restore the sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine.” After that, she said that the words of the Russian President about the possible use of nuclear weapons should be taken seriously.

“To take words seriously, not to reject them from the very beginning, that this is just a bluff, but to take them seriously, this is not a sign of weakness or appeasement, but evidence of political wisdom,” – said the ex-chancellor.