NATO, Japan pledge to strengthen ties in face of 'historic' security threat

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg

© APA | NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg

# 31 January 2023 14:19 (UTC +04:00)

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg and Japanese premier Fumio Kishida pledged on Tuesday to strengthen ties, saying Russia's invasion of Ukraine and its growing military co-operation with China had created the most tense security environment since World War Two, APA reports citing Reuters.

The comments came in a statement issued during Stoltenberg's trip to Japan following a visit to South Korea on which he urged Seoul to increase military support to Ukraine and gave similar warnings about rising tension with China.

"The world is at a historical inflection point in the most severe and complex security environment since the end of World War II," the two leaders said in the statement.

It also raised concerns about Russia's nuclear threats, joint military drills between Russia and China near Japan, and North Korea's development of nuclear weapons.

While the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation groups 30 countries in Europe and North America, Stoltenberg has said its members are affected by global threats.

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