Protests against the government's policies held in Italy

Protests against the government
# 19 June 2022 07:44 (UTC +04:00)

Dissatisfied with the policies of the Italian government, the demonstrators took to the rally in the center Rome criticizing the Prime Minister Mario Draghi, APA reports citing TASS.

Several hundred people took part in the protest. They were holding flags with the symbols of the parties, as well as a large banner with slogans against NATO and European Union. A number of political organizations and parties also joined the demonstrators.

Among the demands of the protesters was the withdrawal of Italy from NATO and the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions. On the square, the organizers erected a small stage, on which a banner “Draghi endangers the Italian people” was unfurled. The organizers of the demonstration spoke out against anti-Russian sanctions, “which hit Italy harder than other countries,” and against drawing the country into the conflict, including by sending new weapons.

“Sanctions, defensive weapons, offensive weapons, not a single mention of the word “peace” and the economic and social conditions of our country, shame!” said Italian communist leader Marco Rizzo.

Protests were also held in 20 major Italian cities, including Milan, Turin, Naples, Florence. So, speaking at a rally in Turin, Amedeo Avondet, a representative of the United Italy party, said that the country’s authorities were not interested in the interests of the people.

“In Italy, 5.6 million people live in absolute poverty, 10 percent are on the verge of starvation. But Draghi is not interested in all this: he does not represent the interests of the Italian people, he is a puppet in the hands of NATO, ”Avondet said at a rally in Turin.