Spain will hand over 6 Leopard tanks to Ukraine after Easter

Leopard A4

© APA | Leopard A4

# 29 March 2023 12:16 (UTC +04:00)

"Madrid will hand over the first six Leopard tanks to Ukraine “immediately after Easter,” which is celebrated by Catholics on April 9, the exact date is not known," said Ministery of the Defence of Spain, APA reports citing Political Lore.

On March 23, the Spanish Ministry of Defense announced that six previously promised Leopard battle tanks would be sent to Ukraine at the end of this week.

As noted, six tanks have already been repaired and are participating in a shooting exercise at a firing range in southern Spain this week. After receiving combat certification, they will be transported by sea to Poland, where they will be transferred to Kyiv.⠀

According to some reports, four more Leopard A4 tanks should be delivered to the plant in Seville. According to sources, the condition of this batch of combat vehicles is worse than the first, so it will take longer to repair them, and the cost of restoration will be more expensive (the authorities have now spent about 684 thousand euros on one tank).