Ukraine says air defenses shot down dozens of Russian cruise missiles and drones early Monday

Valerii Zaluzhny

© APA | Valerii Zaluzhny

# 29 May 2023 10:58 (UTC +04:00)

Ukrainian air defenses destroyed 67 out of 75 "air targets" launched overnight in the latest Russian attack on Kyiv, the Commander-in-Chief of Ukraine’s Armed Forces said Monday, APA reports citing CNN.

Gen. Valerii Zaluzhnyi said 37 cruise missiles, 29 Shahed drones and one reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle were shot down by Kyiv’s forces.

“Overnight, the Russian occupiers attacked Ukrainian military facilities and critical infrastructure objects with cruise missiles and attack drones,” Zaluzhnyi said on Telegram.
“The enemy fired up to 40 Kh-101/Kh-555 air-launched cruise missiles from nine Tu-95MS strategic aircraft from the Caspian Sea.
“From the northern and southern directions, the enemy attacked with Iranian Shahed-136/131 UAVs. A total of 35 attack drones.”
Kyiv's military administration previously estimated Ukrainian air defenses had shot down more than 40 "air targets."

Kyiv Police Chief Andrii Nebytov said "almost all enemy targets were destroyed," but some buildings were damaged.

"As a result of the attack, residential buildings and infrastructure facilities in several districts of the region were damaged. No one was killed or injured,” Nebytov said.