"AzerGold" exports gold and silver worth $ 12 mln.

"AzerGold" exports gold and silver worth $ 12 mln.
  • Clock-gray 16:44
  • calendar-gray 20 May 2020

The “AzerGold” CJSC uninterruptedly continues its activity in all areas during the period of the coronavirus pandemic in accordance with decisions and instructions of the Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers, the CJSC told “APA-Economics”.


The works in the areas of production, geological exploration, construction, as well as in other areas of activity are implemented according to plan and in full compliance with time schedule.

In the times when the restriction imposed on regular flights due to the pandemic is being continued in the country, the “AzerGold” CJSC taking into consideration the sharp rise of price of precious metals on the world market, resorted to alternative transportation mode for export. Thus, as a result of the export implemented via charter flight based on the favorable conditions offered by a local air transportation company, 36 pieces of gold and silver containing alloy produced at Chovdar ore processing site have been sent to Switzerland for the purpose of purification and sale.

As a result of this export operation, the funds totaling to $ 12,165,755.02 (AZN 20,681,783.53) gained from sale of 6,769.37 ounces of gold, 15,758.29 ounces of silver have been involved in the country’s economy.

Note that as a result of the completed export operation 1 ounce of gold was sold at the price of $ 1,756.80 (AZN 2,986.56), while silver – at the price of $ 17.34 (AZN 29.49). This is the highest price level during the whole period of activity of the “AzerGold” CJSC and consequently is considered the greatest amount of revenue obtained from sale of 1 ounce until today.


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