Azerbaijan improves by 16 stages its position in “Economic freedom index”

Azerbaijan improves by 16 stages its position in “Economic freedom index”
  • Clock-gray 18:50
  • calendar-gray 17 March 2020

This year, Azerbaijan has improved by 16 stages its position in the “Economic freedom index” developed by the US Legacy Fund and has risen to the 44th place in the world, said in a statement the executive director of the Economic Reforms Analysis and Communication Center of the Azerbaijan Republic Vusal Gasimli, APA reports.


He said Azerbaijan is among the 11 countries which have improved their indicators in the “Economic freedom index” to the greatest extent in the world: “We witness another international success of the systemic economic reforms conducted under leadership of President Ilham Aliyev because in the history of the “Economic freedom index”, there is not a second country having made as large progress as Azerbaijan. Thus Azerbaijan has further strengthened its positions mainly among the free countries. This progress of Azerbaijan is based on its achievements obtained for business freedom, investment freedom and fiscal rehabilitation. Azerbaijan has left behind such European countries as Poland, Belgium, Portugal, Spain and France in terms of the “Economic freedom index”. Azerbaijan has been appraised in the European region as the country having improved its “Economic freedom index” to the greatest extent. Azerbaijan’s “Economic freedom index” approximately equals to the average indicator of Europe. Beginning from this year, the “Legacy Fund” has appraised Azerbaijan not as a Asia-Pacific ocean country but as a European country”. 


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