AzerTelecom supports the development of national Internet resources

AzerTelecom supports the development of national Internet resources
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  • calendar-gray 21 December 2017

“Milli Net 2017” – the National Internet Award competition sponsored by “AzerTelecom” LLC, a backbone internet provider connecting Azerbaijan to the international Internet network has been completed.


According to the information given from the company’s Public Relations department, this year “AzerTelecom” LLC has been a main sponsor to the 9th “Milli Net 2017” event organized by Azerbaijan Internet Forum. It was said that “Milli Net” is the traditional project towards discovering, promoting and assessing the best national internet resources in the country, enhancing the use of Azerbaijan language over the Internet and “AzerTelecom” LLC being a leading ICT company is interested in the development as well as successful implementation of such projects.


“Milli Net 2017” started in October and the competition continued until December 15. In general, 392 resources were submitted for 18 nominations to the professional Internet award competition. As per competition rules, 291 resources were accepted and went to polls. Among them the best 96 Internet resources were nominated (53 web sites, 26 mobile applications and 17 social media resources). According to the second poll results, the winners were selected per existing 18 nominations and at yesterday’s event granted with special “Milli Net” award for each nominations – Bronze Buta with reflection of net, and the winners of 2nd and 3rd places were awarded with Diploma. Various valuable gifts were also presented to the winners. 


Speaking at the Awarding Ceremony “AzerTelecom” LLC’s Chief Commercial Officer Laman Abasbeyli noted that “AzerTelecom” believes that such significant platforms like “Milli Net” that supports the enlightenment, development of society and ICT sphere contributes to the overall development. “AzerTelecom” has been operating in the telecommunication field since 2008 and will celebrate its 10-year anniversary next year. Within these 10 years, the company became an integral part of ICT sphere in Azerbaijan, and carried out significant activities towards provision of high quality and high speed Internet in the country.


““AzerTelecom” LLC always supports the projects promoting continuous ICT development, use of information technologies, national resources, development of educational consciousness of society and will continue its activities following these principles”- Laman Abasbeyli said.


The representatives from country’s internet society, a number of government bodies, leading ICT companies, education institutions and media participated at the event. Other speakers having a speech at the event stressed the importance of “Milli Net” and talked about the ICT development in the country.  


About “Milli Net”:


The National Internet Award is a professional internet award established by Azerbaijan Internet Forum (AIF). This award is annually granted by means of competition to the national social, scientific, economic, legal etc. internet resources and internet projects compiled and active in Azerbaijan language.


About “AzerTelecom" LLC:


“AzerTelecom” LLC is a dynamically developing telecommunication operator in Azerbaijan. The company was established in 2008; the services provided by the telecommunication operator include the followings: wholesale Internet, leased line, mobile backhaul, international transit, SIP telephony, FTTB (Fiber-to-the-building), Data Center services, VSAT services, Corporate network, Backbone services, Leased line over GSM, VPN (Virtual Private Network), VoIP (Voice over IP), DDOS protection etc.


For detailed information about the company, please visit our official web site, or pages in Facebook ( and LinkedIn ( social networks. 

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