NBC Bank gets 23% rise in liabilities

NBC Bank gets 23% rise in liabilities
  • Clock-gray 09:44
  • calendar-gray 10 July 2018

NBC Bank’s assets made up AZN 240.016 million in the second quarter, up 41.53% from previous year.


Bank says the loan portfolio rose 52.02% to AZN 193.523 million, overdue credits stood at AZN 11.597 million, deposit portfolio rose 22.8% to AZN 85.238 million, personal savings amounted to AZN 85.238 million, liabilities increased by 23% to AZN 181 million.


Total capital surged 7% to AZN 58.456 million, authorized capital remained unchanged at AZN 64 million.


Revenues stood at AZN 9.954 million, expenditures at AZN 8.191 million.


The bank ended the first half of 2018 on net profit of AZN 1.872 million. 

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