No political obstacle for entrepreneurs to get access to any market – president

No political obstacle for entrepreneurs to get access to any market – president
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  • calendar-gray 17 April 2017

“There are traditional markets and our products are exported to those markets. However, one day those countries will meet their demand thanks to their own products, what will we do then? Therefore, we must explore that what the current situation and potential is. In parallel, we must access to new markets. We must not think that we have traditional markets and sent our product to there. We must pursue accurate policy in this sphere. Export diversification is not only measured by ranges. We must get access to new markets and strengthen our positions in current markets”, he said.


President noted that these have various ways: “I think the first is existence of political links. Azerbaijan has good business relations with all countries, particularly neighboring countries. This is a rare position in the world. Excluding Armenia, we have not any problems with our neighbors. On the contrary, as a result of policy we pursued in recent years, or relations with four neighboring countries develop and are at the highest level today. Therefore, entrepreneurs should use this opportunities. There is not any political obstacle for them to access to neighboring and any markets. However, we see there are problems somewhere and these problems affect the entrepreneurs, several restricting measures are taken and problems occur for export. Our entrepreneurs are free of these problems. But I’d like to say once more that we must explore the markets and get access to new ones. We must strengthen our positions in foreign markets and creation of logistics centers attaches great importance for this. Azerbaijan’s first logistics center was established in Aktau, Kazakhstan. This center attaches great importance. It will allow us to export our products to Middle Asian, Kazakh markets. Such centers should be created in other countries too. Azerbaijanis living abroad should play their role in this issue”.   

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