Shahdag Tourism Centre ends 2017 on profit

Shahdag Tourism Centre ends 2017 on profit
  • Clock-gray 11:03
  • calendar-gray 29 December 2017

Shahdag Tourism Centre ended 2017 on profit of AZN 1,805,200 thanks to funds allocated from budget to compensate loss in the amount of AZN 13,441,700.


According to Chamber of Accounts, as of December 31, 2016, the highest share in the structure of base price of sales was labour payment (37.7%) and allocations of amortization (30.7%). It’s noted that the expenditures on salary and social insurance exceeded incomes from main activity by AZN 1,003,000 (35.9%).


In March-December total receipts made up AZN 2,269,800, including AZN 2,169,800 came from main services, AZN 100,000 from settlement account at bank. Of this, AZN 243,900 was spent on salary, AZN 17,800 on purchase of goods, AZN 36,900 on payment of travel expenses, AZN 22,200 on payment for work and services, AZN 1,592,300 was transferred to settlement account at the bank. As of January 1, 2017, residual funds amounted to AZN 339,000.


In the reporting period, AZN 17,991,400 was transferred from state budget to compensate the loss in the amount of AZN 3,026,100. Of this AZN 2,105,100 was transferred to the state budget as VAT, AZN 6,347,500 was spent on payment of debt of management of Shahdag Winter-Summer Tourism Complex, AZN 11,571,700 on purchase of goods and services, AZN 295,600 on reception of main funds and residua fund amounted to AZN 697,600. 

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