State budget executed with surplus of AZN 297M ion H1

State budget executed with surplus of AZN 297M ion H1
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  • calendar-gray 10 July 2018

In the six months of 2018, AZN 9,821,600,000 was transferred to the state budget, AZN 9,524,300,000 was spent, relevantly up AZN 2,096.8 million or 27.1% and AZN 1,330,600,000 or 16.2% from previous year, Ministry of Finance reported.


Budget surplus stood at AZN 297.3 million.


Ministry of Taxes transferred AZN 3,382,600,000, up AZN 30,000,000 or 0.9% in comparison to a year earlier. Of this, ANZ 2,226,100,000 or 65.8% came from non-oil sector.


State Customs Committee’s budget transfers amounted to AZN 1,619,000,000, up AZN 447.8 million or 38.2% by contrast to a year earlier.


AZN 178.9 million was transferred from paid services of budget-funded organizations, AZN 33.1 million from other sources.


SOFAZ transfers made up AZN 4,608,000,000.


According to economic classification, AZN 3,625,700,000 or 38.1% was spent on social costs (+3.6% or AZN 125.7 million), AZN 4,948,800,000 or 51.9% on current expenses, AZN 3,596,300,000 or 37.8% to substantial costs, AZN 979.2 million or 10.3% on public debt and liabilities.


Revenues of consolidated budget rose AZN 3,492,100,000 or 30.1% to AZN 15,100,200,000, expenditures stood at AZN 10,843,000,000. Surplus of consolidated budget amounted to AZN 4,257,200,000.   


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