Tax overpayments to state budget totals $2.1B

Tax overpayments to state budget totals $2.1B
  • Clock-gray 08:52
  • calendar-gray 02 November 2017

As of July 1, 2017, interests of overpayments in the amount of AZN 2,141,340,600 made by taxpayers to the state budget made up 182.7% against debts to the state budget (AZN 1,172,347,300), 63.9% against total revenues transferred from the Ministry of Taxes (AZN 3,352,375,600), 68.7% against tax incomes (AZN 3,119,186,600) and 27.1% against 2018’s forecast.


For the non-oil sector, the ratio of overpayment (AZN 1,940,379,900) to the amount of debt (AZN 1,137,686,200) was 170.6%, to revenues from non-oil sector to the state budget (AZN 2,380,341,200) – 81.5%.




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