Elkhan Mammadov: “We are thinking over various scenarios”

Elkhan Mammadov: “We are thinking over various scenarios”
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  • calendar-gray 29 March 2020

“Of course, the situation is specific, extraordinary. The spread of COVID-19 virus, and its development into a pandemic has exerted its influence on almost all spheres of life. It is natural that sport and especially football is no exception from this viewpoint", said in a statement Elkhan Mammadov, AFFA’s executive vice-president, Apasport.az website reports.

AFFA’s senior representative making a statement to the Association’s official website said they have kept regular contact with other associations including UEFA in regard to the situation created by the coronavirus pandemic:

"We contact every day our colleagues working in other national associations in Europe, and hold regular consultations with UEFA. Besides, we are in a constant contact with the managers of the Professional Football League and our football clubs. Together with the representatives of the mentioned institutions we think over various scenarios regarding the future course of the events. In such situations we should work under interaction conditions and of course, in the first place, we should comply with recommendations and instructions of the Operative Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan because the most important issue is the protection of health".

Mammadov stressed that after resumption of the championships, the footballers physical fitness will be taken into consideration: "The footballers’ physical fitness level is also in the focus of our attention, and of course, the period associated with the physical training will be taken into account in the new time schedule. We all understand that in the European zone which we belong to as well it is inevitable to make change in the calendar of the national teams and all other tournaments. Yet, we should be patient and should wait”.


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