Football legend Ronaldinho: I might play for Qabala FC

Football legend Ronaldinho: I might play for Qabala FC
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  • calendar-gray 20 October 2016

Baku – APA. Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho, who is in Baku at the invitation of Tale Heydarov, President of Azerbaijan’s Qabala FC, held a press conference at the Baku Olympic Stadium on Thursday.


The Ronaldinho Football Academy will be inaugurated in Baku.


Greeting the media representatives, the football celebrity said he is pleased to be in Baku, APAsport reported. 


“I had heard a lot of good words about Azerbaijan. I knew that a number of Brazilian football players played in Azerbaijan,” he said.


Q. When did you receive a proposal from Qabala FC on the opening of an academy?


A. A month and a half ago, we began talks with Qabala FC in this regard.    


Q. You have football academies in several countries. How can you help talented young children in Baku?


A. The main goal is that the children joining the academy would be more responsible in their football hearing my name. If they become professional football players in future, it will be my success. I will help them if they have a chance of joining big clubs.   


Q. How did you become such a great footballer?


A. Perhaps, I was endowed with talent from birth. But I also trained a lot, maybe even more than anyone else. All of the titles I won are the result of these efforts.


Q. Does this crowd at the press conference remind you Spain?  


A. I can’t say where there were more journalists, but I am grateful to you all. This shows your respect to me.  


Q. The Azerbaijani national team successfully started the qualifying round of the 2018 World Cup. It would be interesting to know your opinion about it


A. I’ve heard that the Azerbaijani team made the perfect start to the qualifying round. I came here to learn more about the country and its football.


Q. Can you assist in arranging a friendly match between the national teams of Azerbaijan and Brazil in the future?


A. If there is such a plan, I can help.


Q. You have recently been to India. And what you say if you get offers from Azerbaijani clubs?


A. Right, I had a few matches in the Indian futsal. In truth, I have not yet decided about ending my career. I will decide until December. I will probably hold a farewell match


Q. Who do you think is the world’s best footballer?


A. Lionel Messi.


Q. You are the first time in Baku. What is you impression of the capital of our country?


A. Actually, I arrived in Baku last night. I had dinner after returning from the airport. I loved your cuisine. I haven’t had time to walk around the city. I will closely familiarize with the city after the press conference.  


Q. What do you want to recommend to Azerbaijani footballers to enable them to achieve half of your success?


A. Children would better start to play football at early ages. They have to be serious about trainings. They should train seriously to reach a high level of play.


Q. You are considered the most talented player in the world. And what prevented you from reaching the level of Pele, Maradona?


A. In fact, I am on a par with them (laughs).  


Q. Fans of all clubs love you. How did you achieve it?


A. To be honest, I can not exactly say why everybody loves me. Maybe, I played great football and had my own style.


Q. Would you play for Qabala if you get an offer?  


A. Why not? Everything is possible. I might play for Qabala. 

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